Porter Transformer


Encourage young, female KiwiSaver members to visit the Financial Market Authority’s new Healthchecker page in the hope they would take a few simple steps, which could make a big difference in the long-term.

Porter Transformer


We took a fresh approach to deliver a campaign with tactics never attempted by the FMA, using social media influencers. By identifying credible voices, whose opinions were valued by our target audience, we could spread awareness of a subject which was often labelled as dry. We chose people who were KiwiSaver fans and able to explain the process in a way that resonated with young women.

Porter Transformer


  • Instagram posts generated conversation amongst followers, with many reaching out and asking the influencer about KiwiSaver and how the FMA could help them check their fees.
  • The campaign generated 1000+ likes on Instagram and more than 30,000 impressions.
  • TVNZ’s Breakfast covered the campaign and interviewed FMA spokesperson Simone Robbers.
  • NZ Herald and Newsroom wrote articles about the FMA’s approach, praising the organisation for using social media to get a message out to a younger audience, with content that is important, relatable and interesting.
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