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In 2015 Countdown introduced a new initiative to make the grocery shopping that little bit easier for Kiwi parents; Free Fruit for Kids. Parents were encouraged to give their children a healthy snack to keep them entertained and fill their tummies while the shopping was done in peace.  

It started with a test run in one store. Porter Novelli’s challenge was to generate media and social coverage about the initiative that parents demanded it nationwide. 

Porter Transformer


Our approach was to leverage mass public interest in the initiative, both locally and internationally, and package it up in a comprehensive national media pitch plan. 

Media love a viral Kiwi story, so as part of the pitching we highlighted the feedback Free Fruit for Kids was receiving on Facebook from New Zealand and overseas. As a small nation that prides itself on punching above its weight, we knew there would be particular interest in the campaign when an international audience took notice of the concept.  

Porter Transformer


  • 20 pieces of media coverage across print, television, radio and online, including 3 News, The New Zealand Herald and three stories on The initiative even made its way onto a Buzzfeed list of ’27 Actually Good Ideas’ 
  • Including Buzzfeed’s 200 million unique users, Free Fruit for Kids reached an audience of more than 203 million people. 
  • More than 80% of the coverage referred to making the grocery shopping easier for parents, the main key message we wanted to get across.
  • The highest reaching social media post, shared by The Hits on Facebook, received 103,000 likes, 17,455 shares and 2,665 comments – 95 per cent of which were positive. 
  • Free Fruit for Kids also piqued the interest of celebrity UK chef Jamie Oliver, who shared the photo with his four million Instagram followers. The post was liked more than 80,000 times.
  • The initiative also gained a Highly Commended in its category in the 2016 PRINZ Awards.

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