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The BSA oversees the broadcasting standards regime in New Zealand and wanted to review the classifications and timebands, such as the 8.30pm watershed, which are used to protect young viewers from unsuitable content.​

Porter Novelli’s task was to develop an effective and impactful public consultation strategy alongside helping to develop and co-ordinate a series of workshops/meetings in locations around the country.

Porter Transformer


Our approach was to create content that would cut through the noise of daily life and secure the interest of the variety of audiences. Which included consultation documents, an online survey, public meetings, mainstream & social media, TV and newspaper ads, stakeholder letters and resources on the BSA’s website.

Porter Transformer


  • The online survey was completed by 503 people and an additional 709 comments were provided, including some lengthy and considered submissions. 
  • Mainstream media coverage was achieved across 13 outlets, including an interview on TVNZ Breakfast and 1 News at 6pm, Newstalk ZB’s breakfast programme, NZ Herald, RNZ Nine to Noon, Radio Live, Māori TV and several regional newspapers. 
  • We developed a report detailing all the findings from the month-long consultation and including recommendations for the BSA board. The feedback gathered resulted in changes being made to the free-to-air television code. 
BSA Timebands & Classifications

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Louise Wright – Managing Director

Louise Wright is an award-winning senior practitioner with a reputation for providing shrewd strategic advice, as well as offering creative solutions, to help organisations grow and thrive.

She lives and breathes the Porter Novelli values of winning with integrity, being gutsy, having your back, and enjoying the ride.

With extensive leadership experience, she brings a cool head in a crisis, helping clients through some of the most challenging times they have faced. Louise’s career began in news journalism, followed by magazines where she headed the biggest consumer titles in New Zealand, before moving to PR.

She believes great story telling is essential for all compelling PR campaigns and is renowned for inspiring her clients to take this approach. She has an enviable contacts book and prides herself on her connections with journalists, TV producers, editors, lawyers, agents and sports personalities.

Committed to helping the next generation of communications professionals succeed, she’s a Women in MEDIA mentor and also a mentor for PRINZ. She has a BA in English literature and History, and a Diploma in Journalism.

In her spare time, she’s a school netball coach, and fundraiser for kids’ sports and up at 5am in the rowing season driving her daughter’s squad to training. She collects NZ art and loves hanging out with her not-for-profits: James and Millie.