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The top ten reasons people unfollow and unlike brands

Breaking up isn't always hard to do.

In fact, when it comes to breaking up with a brand, some people find it quite easy.

An infographic from Get Satisfaction and Column Five illustrates the top reasons why people unsubscribe from brand emails or stop following a brand on social media.

According to the graphic, most customers break up with brands because they post or email too frequently and the content becomes repetitive. Customers may originally follow a company because they want to stay updated, but they don't want to hear about everything the company is doing.

Consumers are most likely to unsubscribe from brand emails first (91 percent), but they cut ties on Facebook (55 percent) and Twitter (43 percent) fairly easily, too.

If your company wants to avoid being kicked the curb, take a long look at how you can keep your customers' love alive:

Kristin Piombino is an editorial assistant for Ragan.com

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