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by Carolyn Kerr No comments

Pinning for the win

Last year I fell in love. With a new social network. Pinterest.

Pinterest is like an enormous visual wish list or digital scrapbook. Users (or pinners) pin interesting (hence the name) content to boards arranged by topic or theme, follow other pinners and repin their content. It's rich and engaging and boy it can suck your time away!

I was obsessed with it to begin with, browsing pins from other pinners and day dreaming. And so were many others – making Pinterest one of 2011's top 10 social networks according to Mashable.

Mashable has now in fact posted a 'top tips' guide to being a power pinner. If you've been pinning for a while, it's a great resource and offers some sensible advice about growing your Pinterest presence cleverly.

It's been interesting to see pins evolve on Pinterest from being very personal to more commercially focused. The visual nature of Pinterest lends itself to boards for destinations and for highly visual products, in particular.

For online retailers (of all shapes and sizes) Pinterest offers a nifty tool that brands a pin with a price banner and categorises it in the gift section. By including a $ or £ sign in the tag, pins are bannered and a direct link is created to the company's website, which is also great for driving traffic. This is great for pinners too, as it makes it very apparent when some amazing product pinned in a board is actually available for purchase, instead of falling into that look-but-don't-touch camp !

For absolute beginners, Mashable also has a handy beginner's guide to Pinterest.

 Here at Porter Novelli we have a bunch of public relations practitioners that are avid Pinners and are more than happy to help you figure out if Pinterest is right for your business. Follow us on Pinterest here: Nicola Igusa, Alexandra Speedy, Natalie Benning and Sarah Rutherford.

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